American Amber / Red Lager

As would be expected, the darker color of this style comes from using fewer pale malts and more caramel and other specialty malts.

In addition to the amber to dark red color, this also gives the beer more dark malt flavors and aromas such as caramel and toffee. Hops taste and bitterness can vary, but the overall flavor is usually either malt forward or balanced. Unlike darker ales, the fruity aromas and flavors from yeast esters are absent.

Best served cool, at 46-54 degrees, and in a pint glass, beer mug, or pilsner glass.

Killian's Irish Red

4.90% ABV

The original George brewed the first batch of Enniscorthy Ruby Ale, the inspiration for George Killian’s Irish Red. He just wanted a better beer to share with his friends. He then founded Mill Park Brewery in Enniscorthy, Ireland, so he could share his ruby-colored ale with all of Ireland.

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