American Pale Wheat Ale

An Americanized version of the German Hefeweizen (which means "wheat with yeast"), this beer is made with an American yeast strain - which generally gives a more citrus-like taste than the banana and clove flavors found in the Hefeweizen.

Most often somewhere between a pale yellow and gold in appearance, they are usually cloudy and have a long-lasting head as well as higher-than-average carbonation. The hop flavor intensity can vary, but usually bitterness is kept moderate.

Best served cool, at 46-54 degrees, in a pint glass, beer mug, or weizen glass. They are sometimes served with a lemon garnish, which some find to enhance the beer's flavor and others find an insult to a good beer.

Sharpshooter Wheat IPA

4.80% ABV

Inspired by Ohio’s “little sure shot” Annie Oakley, our Session Wheat IPA is peppered with rounds of whole orange peel and fully loaded with Jarrylo hops. Refreshing and unfiltered with a double barrel of tangy citrus and spicy hop flavors. (Description provided by company)


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