English Dark Mild Ale

Originally created in the mid-19th century, the English Mild Ale was lighter in color than the English Stout and the English Brown Ale, but with relatively low hop flavors and a high ABV. Beginning around World War I, the color darkened and the alcohol weakened, and today most English Mild Ales are dark, although there are a few English Pale Mild Ales still available.

Not a lot of English-brewed Mild Ales are exported to the US, but many American brewers offer examples of the style. The color is (unsurprisingly) a deep copper to dark brown, with a moderate body. Hop flavors and aromas are either very low or essentially nonexistent, and the various malts used dominate. Malt flavor can vary between slightly sweet caramel, molasses, dark chocolate, roasted coffee, nutty, and even dark fruit. Generally a fairly short aftertaste and low alcohol make this an easy drinking dark beer.

Best served cool, at 46-54 degrees and in a pint glass, tumbler, or beer mug.

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