Euro Pale Lager

With the success of both German and Czech Pilsners, many European brewers tried to produce their own version. Although often identified as a pilsner, beers in this style are different and deserving of their own style.

Colors range from straw to golden yellow, and the flavor profile is usually balanced, featuring earthy and floral Noble hops and a pale biscuity malt backbone. The specific Noble hop varieties used in the brewing vary by brewery, although the bitterness is often moderate.

Best served cool, 46-54 degrees, and in a pint glass, pilsner glass, or beer mug.


Brewed by: 
China Brewery Resources Ltd.
Beer Style: 
4.30% ABV

Snow is bright, almost transparent in nature, with a tight, pure white foam that clings to the glass right to the last drop. A higher carbonation level gives the beer a sharpness, neutrally balanced by a gentle bitterness, giving a smooth, full-bodied taste.

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