Maibock / Helles Bock

Translated as "May Bock", this beer was traditionally served during German spring festivals, and is a popular spring seasonal beer style.

Generally a moderate to deep gold in color, this beer features prominent biscuit, bready, and toasty malt flavors. Noble hop flavors (floral, herbal) are more prominent in this Bock style than in many others, and the result in a balance in malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Usually a moderate body and fairly dry finish.

Best served cool, 46-54 degrees, and in a pilsner glass, stange, or beer mug.

Yellowhammer Rebellion

6.00% ABV

Brewed to a deep red and inspired by German brewing tradition, our Rebellion red lager is a crisp, refreshing and contemplative beer. The aroma holds light malt and caramel notes. While German Cara Red and Pilsner malts form the soul of this beer, it's capped with a light hoppy bitterness.

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