Rye Beer

A Rye Beer can be either an ale or a lager, and describes any beer with rye malt making up more than 20% of the grain. Some popular styles to add rye malt to include American Brown Ale, American IPA, and American Pale Ale.

The general flavor profile can vary depending on the base style of the beer, but in general the hop bitterness of a Rye Beer tends to be moderate to low to allow the spicy and slightly sour rye flavors to shine through.

In general, these beers are best served cool, 46-54 degrees, and in a pint glass, beer mug, or stemmed tulip glass.

Falls City Kentucky Common

Beer Style: 
4.00% ABV

The Kentucky Common is a style of beer that started in Louisville. And at one point, more than 75 percent of Louisvillians drank Commons before the style disappeared during Prohibition. Today we craft this rich, easy-drinking ale with corn, barley and rye-just the way it used to be made.


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