Userpints Explained

Registered users on ZiggyZoggy earn userpoints, which we call "pints"...because we can. There are various actions that users can take on the site that earns them pints. As a user gains pints, they will pass certain milestones that will trigger new privileges and capabilities. In the future, there may be a wider array of ways to earn pints and the rewards users can receive.

Here are the current ways users can earn pints, along with their pint value.
Vote = 1 pint
Comment = 50
Add a Beer = 100
Beer Reviews = 500

Users start as Newbs and can work their way up in pints to reach the status of Norm!
0 pints = Newb
250 = MacKenzie Brother
2500 = Bluto
10,000 = Homer
45,000 = Norm!

You can see pints you earn on your account page with links for details on the pints you've earned.

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