Hawt Blonde

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Fri, 11/13/2015 - 00:20 -- Cory

I ordered a couple of pints of Hawt Blonde at Salty Nut Brewery's tap room for this tasting. This brew recently received recognition at the Pro Bono Brews event in Huntsville, so it seemed like a good choice. The blondes came to me a clear gold brew. There was a thumb-thick off-white head, foamy with creamy-looking bubbles. It shrank to a film and a ring. Chunky lacing is being left behind with each drink.

Hawt Blonde smells of biscuit, grassy hops, and some butter. The aroma isn't strong, but it is very pleasant. So far, this is definitely a candidate for a NASCAR beer drinker that visits Salty Nut.

The hops stand out more in the taste for me. The grass and earthiness from the hops blends in with the bready flavors I get. I'm usually not a fan of the bready beers, but there is a nice balance with Hawt Blonde's hops, yeast, and malt. When I drink Hawt Blonde, the fairly light body invites me to drink much of my pint rather quickly. Again, this is a beer that a "normal beer" person and someone who loves craft beer can bond over.

While my love of Belgian beers can come across as condescending to folks used to Bud and Coors, meeting them in the middle with Salty Nut Brewery's Hawt Blonde is my preferred option to going the Shock Top or Blue Moon route.