American Black Ale

Often colored dark brown to pitch black, the American Black Ale is a bit of a hybrid beer. Combining the bold fruit and piney hop profile of an American IPA along with medium to dark roasted malt flavors similar to an American Porter, this beer's flavor can vary widely among different brewers.

A genuine American brewing concoction, this beer originated in either Vermont or the Pacific Northwest, and is an appealing style for all those who can appreciate the complex and assertive hop and roasted flavors.

Best served cool, around 46-51 degrees F, in a pint, stemmed tulip, or large wine glass.

Sobek & Set

Beer Style: 
8.00% ABV

Sobek & Set is named after the Egyptian gods representing a boar and a crocodile. The beer is dark with mahogany and burgundy highlights. This is achieved by using generous amounts of Briess Midnight Wheat for a dark color and smooth finish without the astringent, roasted qualities.


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