Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Not just a higher ABV version of the Belgian Dark Ale, these beers also offer large amounts of complexity, flavor, and character.

Ranging from a dark amber to a very deep brown, the deep roasted malt generally offers relatively large amounts of sweet and toasted malt flavors along with dark fruit esters and spicy phenols from the yeast. Hop flavors and bitterness are generally low - just enough to keep the sweetness in check.

Generally served at cellar temperature - 55-57 degrees - in a beer snifter, stemmed tulip glass, chalice, or large wine glass. Pour carefully - this style is generally bottle conditioned, and so may have yeast still in the bottle. Try not to let that last little bit with the yeast into the glass.

Hof ten Dormaal Barrel Project #9 (Grappa)

12.00% ABV

Hof ten Dormaal owns a big collection of barrels from all over Europe. We try to make sure the barrels we buy are in the most fresh condition as possible. That's how we can bring the best flavours in our blond en dark beer with 12% alc. By vol.


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