West Sixth Brewing Co.

West Sixth Brewing Company

Brief History and Information: 

West Sixth Brewing founders Ben, Brady, Joe, and Robin all came to the same conclusion at about the same time – Lexington, KY needs more high quality local craft beer. Since we came from very different backgrounds with diverse sets of experiences and talents, we joined forces to create beer that can be enjoyed not only by craft beer experts, but also by those who just want something tasty to drink after going for a bike ride.

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West Sixth IPA

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 13:37 -- Smitty

I really like taking a look at these beers at different temperatures. It really is shocking how good (or not good) some beers can taste at different temperatures, and this really demonstrates (at least to me) how a bad first impression can be as simple as a bad serving temperature!

West Sixth Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter

Beer Style: 
7.00% ABV

This fourth beer offered year round in cans is a celebration of malt. Dark and rich with overtones of coffee and dark chocolate, it’s chewy and yet smooth at the same time. Brewed at almost imperial porter strength, we add over 60 pounds of the best cacao nibs in each 40 barrel batch.